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Regular/Share Savings Accounts
The share savings account is the credit unions base account. This account has a minimum balance requirement of $25 and will allow members to take advantage of all other services that the credit union offers. All credit union savings accounts are federally insured up to $250,000 by the National Credit Union Administration, an agency of the U.S. Federal Government.

Payroll Services

Your company may provide payroll deductions or direct deposit of your net earnings to your credit union account. How can payroll deposits benefit the members? Payroll deposits provide convenience and a better way to save. For example, you may have a certain deposit amount deducted from your payroll check and sent to your credit union share/savings or checking account. From the share/savings or checking account your credit union can automatically split amounts off from your payroll deposit for Stocking Stuffer deposits, loan payments or other account transfers. This saves our members visits to the credit union and helps them have an easy way to save.

Share Draft/Checking Accounts
Our Regular Checking Account in a non-dividend bearing account with unlimited check writing no monthly service charge and no required minimum balance. The member/owner can get a free VISA Check Card as well as overdraft protection and overdraft privilege with the checking account.

Deluxe Checking Account
Our Deluxe Checking Account offers quarterly dividends on an average daily balance of $500 or more. There is a service fee of $2.00 per month on this checking account, but no limit on the number of checks that a member processes. The member/owner can get a free VISA Check Card as well as overdraft protection and overdraft privilege with the checking account.

Goldenaire Checking Account

Our Goldenaire Checking Account is for members 60 years of age and over. There is no monthly service charge and no required minimum balance. The member/owner can get a free VISA Check Card as well as overdraft protection and overdraft privilege with the checking account. The Goldenaire account offers quarterly dividends on an average daily balance of $500 or more.

With checking you can also sign up for Internet Banking which gives the ability to check your account balance 24/7 on line and make transfers from savings to checking on line. We also offer audio response to check your accounts over the phone 24/7. Both services are free of charge to checking account holders.

VISA Debit Card
Also for checking account holders this card works as a ATM card and can be used as a debit or credit card. Can be used anywhere VISA debit cards are accepted. Also give you usage of your checking account 24/7.

Money Market Share Account
The credit union offers a money market savings account. There is no annual fee or service fee on the money market account. The minimum deposit for opening a money market is $1,000.00. The money market account earns monthly dividends.

Share Certificates

The credit union offers 6 month, 12 month, 18 month rate climber, 24 month, and 36 month Share Certificates. Share Certificates have a minimum deposit of $1000.00 and earn the stated dividend rate on a monthly basis to maturity. The 18 month rate climber Share Certificate offers an opportunity to increase the stated dividend rate one time during the 18 month term of the Certificate if the rate increases and the member request the rate climb.

IRA'S - Individual Retirement Accounts
We offer both Traditional and Roth no fee IRA's - You can purchase them with a variable rate where you can add to the balance through payroll deduction or in a certificate form for 12, 24, or 36 months. All IRA's are insured for up to $250,000.00.

Stocking Stuffer

The credit union offers a Stocking Stuffer Account. There is no service fee or charge for the Stocking Stuffer Account. It earns quarterly dividends and can be started at any time during the year. Each October 1, the Stocking Stuffer Account balance is transferred to the member's share savings account. The member can use payroll deduction for regular deposits to the Stocking Stuffer Account. For convenience, the member can also use audio response for deposits to the Stocking Stuffer Account. Imagine Christmas paid for and no after Christmas debt!

The credit union offers a very friendly and knowledgeable loan experience. Members can obtain a wide variety of loan products easily and efficiently from our courteous and helpful staff. We offer new and used vehicle loans, signature loans, recreational vehicle loans, share secured loans, first and second mortgages and home equity . Our rates are low and competitive. We charge no loan application fees and interest is applied as fixed low rates.

Credit Disability and Credit Life Insurance
The credit union offers credit disability insurance at a very low rate. The member can insure a loan in the event of disability and rest assured that payments would continue even if disability precludes the member from working. In addition, the member can obtain very low cost life insurance for loans that will pay off loan balances in the event of death.

GAP and Mechanical Break Down (extended warranty) Insurance Generally offered at the auto dealership when you purchase a vehicle our version is more affordable. Gap will cover your vehicle is it it totaled in and accident or stolen. It pays the difference between the book value the insurance company will pay you and the balance of the loan. Also offers a $1000 toward a replacement vehicle if you refinance with the Credit union. Mechanical breakdown covers repairs when your vehicle breaks down. We have several levels of coverage from bumper to bumper to limited coverage. When you are looking for a new vehicle check us out first on these two great products and see how much we can save you.

Auto and Homeowners Insurance by TruStage
TruStage contact info: 1-888-380-9287 or visit TruStageAutoHome.com

VISA Credit Cards
The credit union offers members who qualify the VISA Classic Credit Card with no annual fee and very attractive low interest rate. Our card has the same rates for cash advance and balance transfers whereas most other cards charge much higher rates.

CU Gift Cards
Great for any gift giving occasion. Not re loadable but can be set for a min of $10 to $500. $3 activation fee.

Other Services
Notary Services, Federal Government Deposits, Basic Account Inquiries, Certified Checks, Children Savers Scottie Club Accounts, Discount tickets to local attractions